Dublin Auto Detailing

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In 2019, owner Colby Scherer undertook the creation of Down To Details, his first business. The venture started due to his boredom with the traditional nine to five, minimum wage jobs he as a high school student was forced into. Each day, Colby and his team bring their love for cars and their highest attention to service and the intricacies of automotive detailing with them to work. 

For all the work done in paint correction and decontamination, Colby and his team found that the traditional methods of surface protection (waxes and sealants) didn't provide customers with the long-lasting and true protection that they were seeking. He sought Ceramic Coatings as an alternative. Dublin Auto Detailing is the culmination of years of mentorship, patience, and dedication to providing the best in class experience for customers seeking paint restoration and protection. Dublin Auto Detailing's loyal customers are the focal point of the business. Each day, the team strives to ensure their vehicles are cared for as if they were their own. 

Colby and his team truly believe in the work they do and would love the opportunity to invite you into their family of excited customers!